I have been bookbinding for many years now, mostly making A5 notebooks with blank pages. 

I love to use leather on my books. I just love the feel and smell of them and the look that I can create. Not only that I love how they look very unique.

For me it is important to be involved in every step of the process:

From folding the paper sheets into signatures, stitching the signatures into book block, and marbling the paper what I use for cover is all part of the process to creating my original books.

Being able to use decorative papers as a cover – mostly on half or quarter leather bound books – give my book that extra mile and originality. 

I enjoy what I do and have a huge passion for it.



About Bohenia


When I had the idea to open my shop I was looking for a name which reflects to the bohemian style. But I also wanted to include my name.

So I changed one letter in bohemia and it became bohenia. This is how the name was born.

I also like that decoding where bo reflects to book and henia is to my name. 


Henrietta kaszas

You’re in good company

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The books that Henrietta has made all look so, so amazing! I was super excited to have received mine in the post. Her books really are pieces of art in their own right. You can instantly see the amount of love, time and just how expertly crafted they are right away – and all this by hand too. I’m especially fan of her hand-marbled papers. She has created such intricately mesmerising and kaleidoscopic patterns which in turn makes every book a unique one of a kind piece of art. So much so that it makes tough task to chose one over another. Can’t wait to start using mine!

First thing I’ve got to say is the level of detail in the handmade books were amazing. I like the fact that I could personalise  my own book to my needs and wants and I love it. Not only that the quality of the paper and the book itself really stands out especially being handmade. I will be 100% purchasing another one of these amazing books again.